Michele Fitzgerald was raised in rural Martin County, North Carolina. She started painting at the age of fourteen after discovering the meager art supplies section of the local Walmart.

She continued painting in her spare time throughout high school and college. In 2005, she graduated from the arts conservatory, UNCSA, with a BFA in Filmmaking before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams.

She has experimented with many styles and mediums over the years, honing her individuality, and turning what was once just an adolescent hobby into a meaningful endeavor of study and practice.

In 2014, she fashioned her nom de guerre from her childhood and adult nicknames and Micki Fitz was born. That same year she began working seriously on the Starlight Curio series of old Hollywood and pop-culture collages.

In 2016, she started her abstract work in earnest with Phantomlight Curio, a series of heavy “texturescapes” made up of gel, polymer clay, and other objects.

In 2017 she began Moonlight Curio. Acrylic paints combine with nail glitters, metal leaf, and other material to create wild, sparkling compositions often obscured by a veil of tobacco-stained polyurethane.



I am constantly inspired by beauty that is haunted by darkness and this feeds my attempts to explore what happens when following elements collide on a surface:

Choice & Fortune – Skill & Whimsy – Method & Madness – The Unsentimental & The Romantic

Sometimes it doesn’t work out and that’s where the Sharpies come in so that nothing goes to waste. But when it does work, when my hand is true, and my heart is unbothered, the paint will sing. This is the magic that I chase every time I lay a new set of tiles or boards onto my work table.