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Feb. 7, 2012 – Queries


I have quickly developed a strange query ritual. It goes like this:

1. Rewrite the personal bits for each agent.

2. Check and recheck and recheck all names and info.

3. Read and reread and reread this effing letter I’ve read 100 times already.

4. Sit. Watch TV. Read a book. (Austenland is GREAT. Can’t wait for the movie! JJ Feild. Swoon.)

5. Type the proper email address in the address line.

6. Read the letter a few more times.

7. Still unable to hit the send button I scavenge the internet for published author’s accounts of landing agents. This almost always makes me feel so much better.

8. Still too freaked out to hit “send,” I flip this coin. Heads I send it, tails I don’t. I’ve landed heads two out of two times so far. (You’re welcome publishing world!)

9. Proceed to squirm and flinch as the Gmail robots send my email.

10. Sigh in relief and try to forget that email exists.

1/20/2012 – I’M DONE!!!! OMFG!!!! I’M DONE!!!!


I can almost taste the fame and fortune. It’s a ripe cocktail of cocaine, cash and salty well-worn body glitter.

January 9, 2012


Holy shit there really is a light at the end of this tunnel. I’ve been splitting the book up into forty page sections, making notes on the printed pages and then making the changes on the computer. I have 6 chapters left in the section I’m working on now. AND THEN! I only have one forty page section left!

Hopefully after that I will have more time to blog and read. I’ll be keeping this updated with more news once I start sending it out so you’ll know about all my rejection letters. I need to sleep now! Peace and Love bitches!



I just realized/remembered that I actually finished the 3rd draft I just have to type it…goodness.

Yikes, I’m so sorry blog.


Just looked at the old posts…haven’t posted in so long it looks like I’ve been posting because of the lack of years on the dates. FYI I just turned 28.

300!! Finally


Just finished 3rd drafting chapter 21 and hit the 300 page mark! Woot!



I’m almost to the end of this fucking 3rd draft!

History…it’s fun.


Twenty-six years ago today at around 11:45 at night something truly fucking awesome happened…



You’re welcome Universe. You’re god damn welcome.

A few DFS things…


Favorite thing I wrote today:

She wasn’t wearing a hat that day but her hair was pinned up safely, shimmering  just a little bit more than it should if she were any other girl. The pale green dress she wore became all but invisible with the sun at her back. Quinn could easily make out her legs and the revolver packed holster strapped to her right thigh. He laughed to himself and jogged over to meet her.

Besides all that…I found Ella Fox today! This is her! and she’s even wearing a green dress!


Have a nice day…



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